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Today I wanted to share a little about a new cookbook written by my friend Ali Rakowski called Bowls of Love. It is an absolutely beautiful book filled with recipes for seasonal, paleo soups. Each soup is then paired with a bowl sent to Ali by friends and family.

Before I share a little more about the book, I have to start with a little about Ali. Why? Because in reading through this book, I think you can tell she’s pretty awesome. However, just in case you’re not sure how great she is, I better tell you!

I first met Ali when I was looking for local Boston residents who were enrolled in the same health coaching program as myself. Before we met in person, I came across a picture she had posted of a heart-shaped puddle. She had written that it was one of her favorite spots on her walking/jogging route. I immediately knew I wanted to meet this girl because anyone who notices and appreciates something in nature like a heart-shaped puddle is cool in my book!  

When I met Ali in person her warm, friendly (and very funny) nature was irresistible.  She’s one of those people you want to hang out with….like, all the time. Additionally, she is super smart and has such an impressive ability to asses situations and determine the best course of action. I always value conversations with her and appreciate advice she gives. Plus she’s a major math whiz.

When Ali moved to Connecticut, I have to admit, it was sad to lose her but it was clear she was making the right decision. Although I haven’t seen her in a while, the wonderful thing about reading through her cookbook is that her personality really shines through. It reminds me of what a great person she is and how much I value knowing her. 

chickensoup2Ok ok, this is about the cookbook right? I’ll stop gushing. My reason for singing Ali’s praises is because she is so genuine and her book is so authentic. Her positive attitude, her love for her friends and family, it all comes across in the book. I found myself sitting and reading through it more like a novel than a cookbook, because the stories she shares with each recipe are so wonderful. With the proliferation of cookbooks these days, I see a lot of junkie ones that have no soul behind them. Bowls of Love is different. 

Now, about those recipes! The pictures you see here are of two recipes I made yesterday from the book:  “Peppery Beets, Sweets & Kale” and “SOWA Farmers Market Chicken Soup”. Both absolutely delicious.

beetsoup2The beet soup is so easy to make and yet so flavorful. As an added bonus, the ingredients are packed with nutrients- I think you can tell just by looking at the vibrant colors! Have you heard the saying “eat the rainbow” when it comes to your veggies? That means, eat a variety of brightly colored vegetables and you’re going to get an appropriate array of nutrients. This soup has beets, sweet potatoes and kale, all 3 of which are some of the best vegetables you could ask for! Well, that’s my opinion, but trust me, you want to make this soup. I made it with homemade bone broth and served it with a dollop of coconut cream.

With regard to all the other recipes: they are completely approachable, flavorful and healthy. Before I went to culinary school I was very intimidated by soups. I used to think: how on earth do you start a soup? So, if you’re curious about making soups or are looking to expand you’re cooking repertoire, this book is a great option.

I also definitely suggest giving this book as a gift – especially if you have a foodie friend or family member – because the love that shines out from this book makes it that much more meaningful. It’s like a foodie-version of saying I Love You. 

I hope you pick up a copy!


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