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Tumeric Chicken & Pastured Poultry

I wanted to talk a little bit about chicken today and share some information so you can make educated decisions about ...
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One Pan Chicken Vegetable Dinner

I am all about one pan dinners – simplicity in the evening is where it’s at (especially ’cause there’s less ...
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Beef Stew & Health Tips

This beef stew recipe belongs mostly to my dear colleague and fellow personal chef Elissa. I’ve created a few variations just ...
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Autumn Stuffed Squash

I have fond memories of my mother’s stuffed squash from childhood. She would use butternut squash and mix in walnuts ...
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Carrot Scallion Bison Patties

I don’t know why I am putting carrots in everything these days, but hey it’s been a great way to ...
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Lemon Fennel Chicken Burgers

I made these on a whim today and really liked them! I used some pumpkin puree and chicken broth to ...
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Turkey Primavera

This is a simple classic, made pure & healthy. I prepare this dish on a weekly basis for many of my ...
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Butternut & Leek Bisque

This is a soup you can pull together pretty quickly and with minimal ingredients. As you may have started to ...
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Video: Spatchcock Chicken

I wanted to share a fun twist on a whole roasted chicken, but realize that “spatchcock” is not a term ...
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Lamb Meatballs

I make this recipe very often, not only for clients but for myself too! It is really flavorful, yet the ...
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Carrot Ginger Soup

Carrot ginger soup is a pretty classic recipe, so I know I’m not breaking new culinary ground here! But I wanted to ...
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Simple Bolognese

This is an easy, go-to recipe that I usually have in my fridge on a weekly basis! Makes a quick lunch ...
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