Working with Grace was a wonderful experience. After years of struggling with GI issues, illness, fatigue, sadness due to a number of symptoms, Celiac, food allergies and intolerances, I needed to find help. I had gone to many doctors and other professionals for advice and assistant but was never taken seriously.

So I decided to contact Grace. She responded to me quickly with many options to assist me in my journey to health. From the first phone call to the last, Grace cared about me and what I was doing. She was amazing with recommending recipes, supplements, and tweaking recipes and meal plans to help my needs and symptoms.

It was a challenge but I was not alone. Grace e-mailed me often, and texted me to check up on me. The entire 30 days was about me and what I needed to become healthy and feel better. During the 30 days so many changes happened. I started sleeping, not only better but actually sleeping soundly, my tummy aches had minimized, my cravings for french fries, chips, and I cannot believe I am even saying this but for CHEESE had decreased and some had even disappeared. I did not feel the need to snack and binge–I was satisfied.

In sum, working with Grace was a pleasure. She is an amazing person and wonderful at what she does. So knowledgable and friendly and wants you to succeed and feel great. It was a great experience. I hope to work with Grace again in the future. So worth doing this and making the changes she recommends. It changed my life and I am empowered to continue on this journey with the skills and tips I have been taught along the way from Grace. Thank you for everything !!!
~ Aprill. New York.

My family has used Grace’s cooking services for the last 6 Months. Her understanding of nutrition and healthy, local foods made her the perfect fit. She is always able to adjust to the many guests and changing menus. Her passion for cooking comes through with every interaction with her and her food. Look forward to many more meals cooked by Grace.
~ Ben. Boston, MA

I struggled with weight gain after having a child and I really wanted to figure out how to tone and remove the bloating I was experiencing. Through being guided by Grace’s advice and support, I learned about a way of eating that was right for my body. Being educated about the how’s and why’s of certain foods has really given me great results- understanding what I am doing and knowing why I should do it was very motivating. I am less bloated, I lost weight, I feel energized and happy after meals instead of heavy. I also now feel more satiated after meals and don’t find the need to snack or “fill-in” the holes in my diet with unhealthy foods. This was a result of learning from Grace what to add in to my diet that would properly fuel my body. Thank you iGrace for your guidance.
~ Mariah. Portland, ME


I’ve been working with Grace to re-progrm my lifelong unhealthy food cravings and eating habits. Grace encourages me, and makes healthy eating seem possible. She has been so helpful in suggesting grocery lists, and cooking with me so I can observe her expert techniques. I am grateful for her guidance and look forward to continuing our sessions, and referring her to my clients.
~ Shannon. Boston, MA


Grace has been helping our family with weekly meals for over two years. We love the food she makes for us!  Everything Grace prepares is delicious and healthy. She really listens to what we’re looking for in terms of nutritional content, flavors, allergy issues, and all kinds of custom requests. Whenever we finish the latest meals, we can’t wait for Grace to come back!
~ Mike. Brookline, MA

Grace helped me make a plan to clean up my diet. We discussed foods that bothered me, and she pointed out symptoms I was having that I didn’t even realize were affected by my diet. Once we created a plan, Grace supported me with weekly calls and provided all the recipes I could possibly need to stay on track. One week in, I started sleeping better, waking with more energy, and my mind started feeling very sharp. I had never realized how ‘foggy’ my mind was until it started clearing up- I was amazed by how much better I was functioning! My experience with Grace gave me a new life.
~ Emily. Stoneham, MA

I’ll be honest- I never really liked vegetables. Until I ate Grace’s meals. Not only does the food taste great, but Grace is following my family’s strict dietary guidelines that I thought would always render food  bland and boring. A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders knowing we have healthy food to come home to!

~ Jake. Concord, MA

 My husband and I were looking for a way to eat healthier. We were feeling less than optimal, had put on some weight, and at this point, made the decision to try a personal chef service. We have now been working with Grace and Elissa for about 6 months. We are so pleased with their meals. The quality of their food is outstanding – everything is fresh, wholesome and nutritious. We love that -beyond the meals- both Grace and Elissa are extremely professional and kind people. They truly care about their clients and listen to your needs. We feel healthier eating their meals and highly recommend them! 

~ Andrea and Jim. Needham, MA

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